My december wishes

Hey everyone. December is coming and I absolutely love that month. It is cold outside so we make it warm and cosy in our houses, there are a lot of festivities and ofcourse: christmas! Besides summer, christmas is my favourite time of the year. It is a month of ‘gezelligheid’ as we dutchies say, we give each other presents and: we get presents! I always have a few items on my wishlist and christmas, or ‘Sinterklaas’, the dutch brother of Santa Claus, are the perfect excuse to show people my wishlist.
My wishlist contains a gucci belt, Mason Garments sneakers, MAC power hungry palette, a book how about lettering, Dan Browns’ new book and a Tommy Hilfinger shirt. Now I am curious what is on yours! Please leave a comment.

What’s in my bag?

Purseonals-Chanel-Reissue-227-2I personally love to see what other women have in their bag. It is a weird obsession of mine, just how I love to see on other people’s blog how their week went, in photos. I think I am a bit nosy. But anyway, I hope there is someone who will enjoy reading and seeing what’s in mine. I’ve used my school bag, because that is the one I use most of the time. When I go shopping I tend to use a smaller one. IMG_4244
My bag is from Steve Madden, and I got it from Zalando Lounge. The bag is big enough to carry both my laptop, school books and other essentials. IMG_4245
And here is what’s in it! This was after a school day where I didn’t need books, so it wasn’t as heavy as usual. I always carry my laptop around because I never know when I might use it. I also always carry a bottle of water with me, because I want to drink a liter a day, but I find that very hard. I travel to school by train, so I always need my OV-card and some reading material, right now: Glamour’s november issue. The rest are just some basic things: my keys, my planner, my notebook, my wallet, some cards, and chewing gum. When I made this picture I realised that I had two samples of perfume in my bag which I didn’t know about! And when it is cold I always have a hand balm in my bag, just in case my hands get dry or need some extra care.

Now I want to see your bags!

What a tragic way to die, one cigarette at a time

I was the first of my friends to start smoking, I think I was twelve years old. Since then I’ve almost always smoked. Until the 20th of October. It was enough. When I have nothing to do, my brain starts to work in magic ways and overthinks everything. When you really think about smoking, it just makes no sense. It’s not that it calms you in the way that marihuana does. And it does not make you feel happy like any other drug does. I am going to say this very blunt, but you pay cigarette companies to give you cancer. You literally pay cancer! I just had to quit. I wasn’t a big smoker, I lighted about 10 cigarettes a day. I’ve installed this app called ‘QuitBuddy’ and it tells you how long you are quitted, how much money you have saved and how many cigarettes you didn’t smoke. For me it was really easy to quit, I think I am not that easily addicted to something – while I’ve smoked for a very long time.

I didn’t even quit for myself. It was always been my dream to become a mother – and while I’m still to young to start with children – I think that smoking isn’t increasing my odds. The future generation is watching us – and copying our behavior. My parents and big sis always smoked around me, so it was easy to get cigarettes because they were always around. I am not trying to make anyone quit – that would be hypocrite, since I’ve smoked a very long time. I’m just asking everyone to think about smoking, it just doesn’t make sense.

With love,

Call the cat

IMG_4072Hey guys, welcome to a new post. I’m not going to make a special post dedicated to who I am or why I started blogging, because I don’t even think that people will read my blog.  Sometimes I just want to clear my mind or be creative in my own kind of way, so here I am.

The thing that annoys me the most lately is catcalling. Like how arrogant are some of you? And with ‘you’ I mean twentysomething guys. I was walking towards work on saturday, and I crossed paths with two guys. They wore Gucci caps and soccer tracksuits. I on the other hand wasn’t wearing anything special. I think I used a tad more make-up than normal, but that would be about it. They whistled and it annoyed me. One guy said ‘hi’ and I ignored him. About two seconds later the other said ‘you can smile though’. And that was the part that irritated me the most. How arrogant are you? Why should I, as a female, be obligated to smile to you? Do I know you? This is something that keeps me buisy lately. Why do guys keep telling us girls to smile to them? What do you know about us? Like we could be having the worst day, and you telling us to smile is not making it any better. After I walked past the guys, two seconds have passed and I whispered: ‘to you? I don’t think so!’. And that, made me feel really good.